Ebook Android App Creation Services

Turn your eBook into an Android App

Kartindo.com is introducing new and revolutionary service for self-published authors which is ‘Turn your ebook into android app’ by which any author can convert their book into an android application.

Publish your ebook as android app to improve visibility, marketability and sales in the growing anroid market effortlessely.

It's simple, easy and fast to reach thousand of android users via global android appstores such as Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Soc.io, Appia and many more.

Benefits of getting your ebook converted into an android app

✔ Increase your market

✔ Improve visibility

✔ Access to a global readership

✔ Distribution on android appstores

✔ Availablity on e-reader, mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.

✔ Non-exclusive licencse: it means you can publish your android app anywhere without any restrictions

How can i start?

Step 1. Submit a PDF file of your ebook.

Step 2. Submit cover.

Step 3. Pay for Android App creation service.

Step 4. Get ebook android app in next 7 days.

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