“Marketing is a competition for people’s attention”- Seth Godin


In entrepreneurship, there is saying that out of 10 businesses, 9 fails. Why is that?

While preparing curry, if you skip or misuse any one ingredient such as salt which can ruin taste, then this same analogy applies to the book marketing.

If you’re an author and struggling to market your book then here are some wonderful tips for that:

– Design an attractive cover

Always first impression counts so why not design an attractive cover to hook the audience. Cover is the face of book which delivers the message what to expect in the book and what story it covers. By choosing right cover design and font style can really make difference in the book’s sales.

– Promote on Social Media

In today’s digital economy, the social media has become indispensible part of our lifestyle. For example, ‘Facebook Is Now Bigger than the Largest Country on Earth’ with 1.39 billion users as mentioned on the huffingtonposts.com website.

So, if you are not on social media such as Facebook, twitter, Google plus, p-interest, instagram, Flickr etc then you are invisible in the digital world. Just look for the right social media platform and content strategy to reach your customers.

– Promotion on discussion forums

There are many discussion forums such quora.com, answers.com, ask.com, Rodinghood etc. where you can meet people who are interested in your book.  Also, look for any country specific or language based forums where readers spend time and discussion issues.

– Build an author website

Creating an informative website about book and its author is a great way to attract customers and educate them what you are and your book is about. Furthermore, writing blog or article related to your book can help in Search Engine Optimization.

– Create a Book Video Trailer

With the free video creation tools and technologies now anyone can create and share video with the world. You can use POWTOON for (free) animated video creation which can be shared on different platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia etc.

– Publish book as an ebook

Publishing book as an ebook can increase visibility on different digital marketplaces such as eBook stores, e-readers, tablets, smart phones etc. In addition, the eBook is easy to publish, sell and distribute across the world as compared to book publishing.

Some big eBook markets are kobo, kindle, nook, Itunes, Ingram etc, but you need to publish on each platform individually. Although you can also opt for ebook self-publishing and distribution platforms like Smashwords.com, Kartindo.com, BookBaby.com which sell ebook to almost all the leading and global eBook markets.

– Publish book as an audio book

Audiobook is an another version of book which is becoming popular as it is gives freedom to carry book (in audio format) and listen whenever/wherever you are comfortable. Markets for audio books are Amazon Audible, Reado etc. where you can sell your audio book.

– Publish book as an android application

No doubt, android is becoming household name in the smart phone and tablet industry. But, have you ever wondered if you can access the android marketplace such as Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Mobango, Socio-io etc. then you can reach wide user base of them which is increasing with every gone by day.


In essence, the best to improve the visibility and marketability in the overcrowded world of competition where everyone is competing for an attention is to focus on right marketing strategy such as beautiful cover design, availability on social media platforms and discussion forums, informative author website, concise and insightful video trailer, publish book in different formats such as eBook, audio-book, android app

If you are an author and know any other way to promote and market book then please share your thoughts on contact@kartindo.com.


Kartindo.com is an eBook self-publishing and distribution platform to sell, publish and distribute eBooks globally.


William Faulkner once said “Don’t be a writer; be writing.”

kartindo author

Faulkner’s words make sense if anyone ought to follow them religiously.

If you are looking for starting a career or want to experiment with your writing style then must read following reasons:

  • It adds an extra income stream

No doubt everyone is earning but why not have some more when you can make easy money by being an authorpreneur. Many best seller authors such as Amish Tripathy, Chetan Bhagat etc. have started their journey with passion in writing and see now them what they have become.

  • Looks good on your CV

I have seen that only the professor or big writers have privilege to boost their publication portfolio on their CV. Nonetheless, this digital age of publishing has not only opened the gate for common person but also elite authors are competing in the same place.  Now, anyone can write, publish and sell their book/ebook globally due to democratization of publishing domain (Do It Yourself) fashion.

  • Develop Writing Skills and Knowledge

As in other fields, the famous proverb “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” stands true in the writing career as well. In order to improve your skills and knowledge one has practice on regular basis and hence able to pivot and optimize their skillset. This actually works just try it for 21 days and see the changes.

  • It is easy and quick

This is the era of self-publishing, it is being witnessed everywhere such as in video (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia), audio (audible), and ebook (Kartindo, Bookbaby, Lulu, Kindle).

Now, anyone can publish their book/ebook with digital publishers and can distribute on any platform. The hassles of traditional publishing are no more stopping indie or self-published authors to share the book marketplace which was once dominated by traditional book players.

  • No wait for publisher’s permission

Authors have many options to publish their book/eBooks such as: Vanity Publishing, Do It Yourself Publishing, Indie Publishing, Print on Demand, and Self-publishing which further scales into book, ebook or audio book publishing.

Overall, becoming an author has never been so easy and economical with so many DIY tools and options availability. If you are an aspiring author or published writer please share your reasons for becoming an author or writer. (Please email us on contact@kartindo.com)


Kartindo.com is an ebook self-publishing and distribution platform to sell, publish and distribute eBooks globally.