Changing faces of book publishing

Book industry is passively observing the disruption in the publishing landscape. How it is getting unfolded is quite an interesting topic for debate and what its future holds is surely questionable.

The curiosity and desire of human beings to store long lasting records which took many forms from cave painting to scrolls; pictograph to wooden block printing and so on took numerous transformations thus resulted in books.

  • Invention of printing press

In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg gave a new life to publishing industry by inventing Printing Press which led to the mass production and distribution of books across continents.

  • Digitization of books into electronic books (ebook)

‘Digital book environments are the future, as quoted in the article ‘Where did the story of eBooks begin? Published on ‘The Guardian’ Website which Implies that future is no doubt digital and holds a great potential for the books.

Bob Brown famous for The Readies (1930) book in which he described ‘movies have outmaneuvered the book by creating the “talkies” and, as a result, reading should find a new medium’ as mentioned on the Wikipedia Website.

It took about 40 years for the first ebook to get shape which happened when Michael S. Hart in 1971 ‘launched Project Gutenberg and digitized the U.S. Declaration of Independence, becoming the first eBook in the world’ as mentioned in the ‘The History of eBooks from 1930’s “Readies” to Today’s GPO eBook Services’ article (

In essence, what holds next for book’s future is unpredictable. Nevertheless, the technology will be a great enabler in dissipating the knowledge whether it is an ebook, audio book, or collection of blogs.

If are you an author and still stuck in the Gutenberg era and struggling to bridge the gap between physical and digital book world. Then, try, an ebook self-publishing and distribution platform to publish, sell and distribute ebooks globally.

Just participate in the digital publishing revolution which holds vast opportunities for authors.

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